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Below are several photos of Dominque Benoit (my french male  I imported from Europe), myself helping my daughter Sherry Rupke who owns swissridekennels with the TV show Breeder of the Pack - promoting Sherry Rupke -Swissridgekennels bernedoodle/goldendoodle epidsode. Dominique a TV star !!
Disco is our pride and joy.   She first came to our home at 10 weeks old, she is now 2 years old.  She quickly learned that her human and her K9 family was now home and instantly became a part of the family.  We are lucky enough to live on a 90 acre farm and it is absolutely perfect for a big girl like Disco to have fun and play.  Our 5 year old Golden Retriever and Disco are always somewhere chasing a squirrel in the forest. Whenever I go to feed the horses she is right beside me and in her mind helping, any child that visits the farm becomes her responsibility and she ensures that they are taken care of and do not get into too much trouble.
We have taken Disco’s training seriously and have found that she is a very smart girl and loves to learn new things.  At this point she has completed level 1 & 2 obedience training, level 1 agility training (which she really loves), next week she will be starting scent training and this summer we hope to show her in confirmation shows and possibly cart classes.  It is important for her to have a job and she takes it quite seriously.
She is a sensitive girl who loves to cuddle.   All I need to tell her is that she is a good girl and her tail is wagging and she is smiling at me.   When I come home from work at night she meets me with a howl and  a smile.  Who could ask for anything more in a dog ?!?!  Berners are the most loving, smart and beautiful breed.   We are so happy to have her as  part of our family!!   The Spears Family @ B&K Ranch.
KONA                                    KONA FAMOUS WINS international  PETSMART PHOTO CONTEST,  please scroll down to end of page. 

I know we send a lot of photos but it's because we absolutely love Kona! He has brought so much life and laughter into our home. Here are a couple of photos from our recent engagement photo session. He's like a magazine dog if you ask us!

Mark and Britt with Kona
Helping my daughter with her doodle family raising funds for a  service dog for an autistic child 
Kona growing quickly       now 91 pounds
Meet       DUC JR. CALBREATH   owned by Nicole and Jason Calbreath

Patricia, I just wanted to drop you a note saying Duc Jr. is such a special, smart, outgoing, handsome puppy. Our friends just LOVE him and ask all the time to come over and visit, he’s very popular. We are beyond thrilled and are having a blast with him!!! We can’t wait to get our second one from you someday !!!!!!  Nicole & Jason Calbreath

Patricia,I wanted to get you some updated pictures of Duc he's well over 100 lbs and an absolute joy!!! He's doing great!!!!       9 months old
Meet Luna owned by Jen Artz and family

Hi Patricia! Everything is going well here with Luna....Otter is her new best buddy:) She is such a funny dog, so comical and curious. We also are impressed with her temperament....she is very even tempered and so affectionate, she just wants to say hello to everyone. She is a bit naughty and gives Otter a run for his money when they are playing. She is super smart and a very quick learner. She likes to try and steal some of Otter's food but as soon as I say "ah ah ah! Leave it!" she walks away (she keeps trying of course, but, she always listens). She knows her name and knows how to sit on command before I give her her food. Maybe you worked with her on those before she came to us? She has been great about settling into the routine here, only cried first couple of nights. Anyway, she is just a joy. We have all fallen in love, so, thank you for trusting us with her. She is amazing. We will send more pictures! Thank you:-) Jen

Yswen my first male from Slovakia- always in my heart
photo soon

owned by Wendy Maclean
Meet SORCHA   and ALASTAR      owned by Lori Warner

Here is pictures of Sorcha our female taken today. I will send some of Alastar as soon as I can get a good picture. They went to visit elderly people at an assisted living facility today. They did very well and everyone loved them. They have been gaining about 4 to 5 pounds a week each. They are very healthy, happy and loving. People stop us all the time to pet them and ask what type of dogs they are. They are very striking
Looney Luna is doing great and getting big...she is such a sweetheart:-)
Lily can barely hold her anymore. Such a big beautiful puppy! This photo is from her 12 week birthday, so cute!
Here is our gorgeous boy Alastar.
Meet Coco   owned by Debbie Burgess and family

Hi Patricia,

She is the most special dog, she loves all and is always in the middle of the action. She was at the vets this past week and at 14.5 weeks she weighed 38 pounds. Needless to say she is a girl with a very hearty appetite. She started her obedience training last week too. Hope you enjoy the pictures of coco and crew. We think she is stunning and everywhere we go people remark on how beautiful she is. Crate training is going well, I almost don't even think she needs it but we are continuing, house training is complete. We've been walking mostly off leash in our bean field in our back yard 3 times a day. Coco loves these walks that our other dog and sometimes even a cat join us on! She stays right near me and comes when I say come. We absolutely love her Patricia! Coco and Casey have turned into great friends. They have such fun together-we are sad to think that he is 13.

Other than that first week when I emailed you, she has been a wonderful puppy. As soon as I got a grip, so did she. I had forgotten how much work puppies are as you try to establish routines. We are now perfectly housetrained and if I don't see her go to the door, she'll cry at the door to be let out. Her nature is very calm, people are shocked to see her sitting or laying so nicely in front of my law chair at the soccer field. We get out now for 2-3 walks a day along the furrows in our field and she loves this! She stays close to me for the most part but if she gets distracted, all I need to do is say coco come and she's at my side again. She loves car rides and visiting with other familiar dogs. She adores our older dog and is fascinated by the cats who are quite tolerant of her size as she stands at attention usually nose to nose with her tail wagging frantically. Her fur is beautiful and soft-I put a tablespoon of coconut oil in her food-I read somewhere that coconut oil was good for a dogs skin and coat. She does not enjoy the heat at all and prefers to laze about on tile floors on warm days. I mentioned to you before that we are still crate training but almost don't need to. If I go out all I have to do is call her and say, in your crate and she goes in! I just think she is so smart, training has been easy-she's very motivated by treats so that has worked perfectly. Yesterday when I was trying to teach her the stay command I didn't think it was working because she kept getting up and following the treat but today...perfect! That's how quickly she has caught on!

Did I tell you that Casey now stays at home with coco when we're out? She's in her crate but his separation anxiety has been eliminated by her. I think I have to think about a second puppy. 
Casey is doing pretty well but they play pretty hard. I'm thinking I might be crazy to entertain having 3 dogs potentially for a time but the reality is he won't live forever and I want coco to have a companion and based on coco's beauty and temperament, I would only ever want my Bernese to come from you Patricia. I'll be in touch.


Thought you might like this! Petsmart used a photo of Kona for an international photo contest!  They saw HIS PHOTO on instagram and asked to use it.

 Meet  TAKAIYA    owned by Kara Rhodes

Takaiya is so special.  She is just what I had dreamed of and more!!!  Here are some photos.  Forgive me for not having them done perfectly.but you will get the idea of how beautiful she is growing.

This was yesterday at our favorite beach in SB..Takaiya and Cougar are great friends and he is just gentle enough in his older age and he is a great teacher of many things like ocean swims etc  Takaiya loves her beach walks and small hikes on the mountain.  I wish you could feel her muscled legs.she is a total tomboy with a huge personality that our family adores. 

Peace and thanks always,


 Linkoln - July 23rd 2006 to July 24th 2014                 owned by Jackie Barton

In memory

Hi Patricia,

I just wanted to send you this note, to affirm that you could not have picked a more suitable puppy for our family.  Everyone who met him, loved him.  You just couldn't help it.  The most common comments were, who trained your dog, he's so well behaved.  Wow he has huge feet and what a beautiful dog.   

We were blessed to have him and that all started with you.  I am hoping this note finds you and Sherry well.  I have decided that the best Berner is the only one to ever have.  So I doubt we'll cross paths again but I wish you well.

Meet  BURGER  owned by Lindy Borggard

Hi Patricia,  I thought you might enjoy this photo. He is from a Nellar/Dom mating born January 24th, 2012. Who knew that a berner would take to the water like he has? He climbs in to his floaty any chance he gets.
Thanks again for not only a handsome boy but a big character as well!
Lindy Borggard
updated photo of Kona  taken August 2014 by Mark and Britt, enjoying camping. Kona built like his dad Grand Duc  extremely handsome!!
MEET AMELIA  owned by Jodie.

Hi Patricia,
 It's hard to believe it's the eve of 5 years since you brought my baby girl into this world. She will be 5 tomorrow!!! Holy wow where does the time go! 
 She has brought me more joy & love than I could have ever imagined and through many good times and some rough times. She is my work partner, my service dog, and she's inspired everything that I am doing now with Bowen therapy work with animals so much so I named my company after her "Touch of Amelia". 
 I still remember when we pulled up to your farm to pick her up and the first time you put her in my arms just after she had her first bath and made all pretty. 
I just wanted to send a special Birthday note to you for giving me my girl and my best friend (thanks also of course to Whitney & Daiko ;) ) 
You would be very proud of her! She's a super star! 

Thank you again Patricia

Jodie and Amelia
Below are photos of my recent puppies, letters from puppies families and special events
Meet WILLOW (nickname Roxy)   her adoptee mom is Ang Ka
Willow (Roxy) spending bonding time with her pup FRANKIE
Frankie wanting to begin her training with Ceasar Milan
Meet ZOEY owned by Pieterson family.
Meet  Theo   owned by Oliana

Our boy has been mischievous from the start, (he would put himself in the corner when he was a pup) , but has a heart of gold and infinite love especially for his family. He is loyal, guarded and protective(he chose his sleeping spot, creating a barrier between the front door and his family upstairs) he knows all of us (I am mom and if he is being stubborn, he is threatened with "I am going to call mom" and then he listens)as well as many extended family by name to the 
Point that he will remember if a particular family member is coming over the next day. He is obedient and will not eat his meal unless you tell him it is OK. He has never damaged or chewed anything in our homeand knows where he can and can't go. He is a wonderful soul!
I cook all his meals and make his cookies. His diet is all gluten and grain free with lots of meat veggies and some fruit.

I've enclosed a few pics that you are more than welcome to pin on your site.
Thanks...I will look for it

BERNEY owned by Paul and Emily

Dear Patricia, 
We just wanted to update you on our pride and joy, Berney.  Thank you for providing us with our second berner.  Our first boy passed away in June of this year 2014.  We miss him every day.  We just love the breed and the house was so lonely so Berney joined our family in September as an 8 week old puppy.  What a wonderful addition he has been.  I have a home based hair dressing studio and Berney has become quite a celebrity.   Everyone has to see him and give him a pat and a few kisses too.  He sure knows how to work the ladies !    This guy fits our lifestyle perfectly.  He is a cuddly bug, laid back, great on walks on leash and a real gentleman at the dog parks, sleeps when we sleep, and gets along with everyone including our cats.   He passed his puppy classes with flying colours.  Watching him grow is very exciting.  He is 19 weeks right now and weights just shy of 60 pounds.   As he grows I will send you updated pictures.   As a breeder your  Bernese Mountain  dogs truly have the best temperaments and are the most stunningly beautiful  berneses I have ever seen.  When Berney is in a crowd of other Berners  he stands above the rest.  Some times it is so obvious it is almost embarrassing.  Thank you again Patricia.
 Sincerely,  Paul and Emily Benckhuysen 
Meet FRANKIE  owned by Darlene Taylor and family
 9 months and 118lbs loving winter Chris Klemm